What are the key points for market research in the Netflix and Facebook era?

As new technologies continue to evolve by the minute, market research must adapt in order to keep up. In fact, if utilized correctly, the new digital era’s offerings – including Netflix, Instagram and Facebook – can help fieldwork market research in many ways.  

Many of those who use these platforms are unaware of all the data they’re actually giving to the digital world. Google search, social media, online shopping and interactions with other people’s posts are just a few examples of how these users leave a trail of data on what they like and dislike, their location, their favourite products, and a wealth of other useful and insightful information that.  

Fieldwork market research
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Much like our ever-changing technologies, users also change their behaviour day by day, and fieldwork market researchers must also keep this in mind and adapt by collecting the data trail users leave behind, using only the most innovative techniques. As a result, a new evaluation form of consumer habits should be created.  

When we carry out fieldwork market research, we have to acknowledge that we’re analysing a representative part of the population. We must focus on them because they represent millions of active internet users that are constantly sharing information. 

Shorter analysis throughout the year can help you understand the change in consumer habits. Market research in the digital consumer era should focus on briefer analysis and on the cross-cutting themes and sub-themes of the brand because they will help with the identification of other topics and interests of the consumers.  

Shorter analysis with their corresponding presentation will lead to more frequent meetings with the brands and clients, where the results obtained may be shown along with problems and hypothesis to solve.  

The evolution of our world and digital platforms allow market research to also change and improve and ultimately give brands better solutions and more information.  

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