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Four key considerations when targeting LATAM for market research

The combined GDP of Spanish-speaking countries totals over $6 trillion – making Latin America a key emerging region for growth that is essential for market research. However, LATAM is a highly dynamic region that presents both challenges and opportunities for market research. For starters, it consists of four geographical regions, 33 countries and is home

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Why improve the user experience for your website?

Our ability to access vast amounts of information through online platforms is changing consumer habits. As a result – and as indicated by user experience testing over the years – all industries and sectors have been affected; this digital breakthrough gives businesses many interesting opportunities because it actually creates greater impact and improves segmentation and

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Seven important habits of successful moderators for qualitative market research

Your guide to successful qualitative market research recruitment and moderation. Moderation is an essential part of successful market research. Of course, to start things off you need to find the right participants for your initial qualitative market research recruitment. However, once you’ve found your respondents, it’s down to the moderator to bring out the best in them.

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What are the key points for market research in the Netflix and Facebook era?

As new technologies continue to evolve by the minute, market research must adapt in order to keep up. In fact, if utilized correctly, the new digital era’s offerings – including Netflix, Instagram and Facebook – can help fieldwork market research in many ways.   Many of those who use these platforms are unaware of all the data they’re actually giving to the digital world. Google search, social media, online shopping and interactions with other people’s posts are just a few examples of how these users leave

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