The Q2Q Global-Fieldwork Agency secret: putting clients at the heart of what we do

  • At Q2Q we are able to assure quality recruitment thanks to a series of filters that we apply before delivering our results to the client
  • Our moderators are experts at seeing beyond the answers. They are key players and are immersed in the project from the very beginning, so they do not miss a single detail
  • Our services are based on the extra mile: we will always do whatever it takes and go the extra mile for our customers

We are a market research agency providing services for market researchers. Our work begins with a quality conversation with our clients, where they explain to us what they need. From there we coordinate the entire project according to the proposed structure, adjusting and adapting to the specific needs required at any given time. Each project we coordinate is different, unique.

1. Personalization

This is a key factor that we are very mindful of. The kick off calls we (almost always) have with the client are always attended by simultaneous translators and moderators. This allows us to be immersed in the project from the beginning. This allows communication, both internal and external, to flow better and we understand each job in depth: we discuss the details, phases, analyze the client’s work process, if it requires any special consideration… Everything necessary to propose a fully tailored offer.

2. Methodologies

No limits. We design each project with the necessary formats and methodologies, since we have extensive knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods, and a mix of both. Our experience allows us to carry out studies based on patent facts through P&P interviews, ad or sniff tests, Hall-Test, CATI/CAPI… to analyzing the most intangible thanks to the focus groups and workshops we conduct, UX tests, duo-triads, among many other methodologies! All this allows us to understand the behaviors, pain points and satisfaction of users and communities.

3. Recruitment

Another feature of Q2Q is the extra mile: we will always do whatever it takes and go the extra mile for our clients: from setting up a focus group on different beaches “on the fly”, to finding users of a clothing brand that has been on the market for a month, to locating people from Colorado who live in cities over 2500m above sea level.

 Being flexible and adapting to all situations. We are passionate about fieldwork market research, which makes us experts in recruiting people.

The quality of recruitment is essential to achieve optimal study results. At Q2Q we screen potential participants beforehand: not just the standard screener, but we ask them additional questions to make sure they are really the right people and, most importantly, we make sure they really want to participate.

In order to verify that the participants have a high level of quality and fluency in the conversations, that they are reliable, we run special Q2Q filters before validating it for the client.

4. Insights and data interpretation

We always add extra questions to ensure that our quality is met. The way in which we interpret the data we obtain from recruitment is also an asset of Q2Q.

Our team is prepared to go beyond words and find answers in postures, gestures, looks… We check everything and, if something does not fit our protocol, we discard that person directly, even if it means more time and more work.

5. Q2Q Communication

Maintaining quality communication with the client is essential to obtain the desired results. We actively listen, spend time with clients and deepen conversations.

In addition, the moderators themselves maintain direct contact with the clients, which makes the whole project flow in a more agile and effective way.

Meeting deadlines and always responding within 24 hours is another of our promises. We are always available when unforeseen circumstances arise. We invest more of our time, but we don’t mind because this is the only way to achieve higher quality answers and more reliable results. Our mission is for the client to feel that we have contributed to ensuring that the project turns out the way they had hoped.

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